What Are the Ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and
What is the Work?

The information on this page cannot wholly explain what
Gurdjieff's ideas are suffice to say that they ultimately
relate directly to the concerns of the psychological growth
and spiritual transformation of oneself to a
higher quality of conscious awareness. No small task.

With uncompromising realism and deep spirituality,
Gurdjieff's work offers a tangible and practical approach
that can gradually shift one's way of looking at oneself,
others, and the world at large.
Working with these ideas is not concerned with
"self-improvement," but Transformation.
The efforts of putting into practice and
verifying these ideas are generally referred to as The Work.
Though group members share in these efforts together,
each person also has their own individual Work that is specific
to their personality and understanding. Working with these ideas
does not ask for blind faith, believing or mere acceptance.
In fact, it has often been said that these ideas must be verified
through one's own experience to be of any significant value.

The importance of having a critical mind is essential when
approaching these ideas for it is only through this that one
can verify (or not) what is true. Though Gurdjieff died in 1949,
we fortunately continue to live in a time where contact with
his remaining students, as well as people who have worked with
these ideas for many years, is still possible.
Coming together and sharing our experiences of these ideas
is a component part of this study.
It is important to recognize that these ideas are of most use
to those who bring to their study, at least two important factors.
The first is a sense of dissatisfaction related to one's life,
spiritual search, or efforts at arriving
at an understanding of what is true.
The second is the possessing of certain "life questions"
that have yet to be answered.

This work is not intended for everyone and
as one deepens one's study,
this becomes understood and even appreciated.
The Gurdjieff work is not affiliated with any
religion or sect, political philosophy,
profit driven enterprise, guru or dogma.
Nor is it some sort of "encounter" or "counseling" group.
Those who pursue these ideas in a practical way are all seekers
who continue to ask questions and explore, in a deeper sense,
what it truly means to be a human being.


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